General Tree Care

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Should Trees Be Topped? 

NO! Generally, healthy and strong trees do not need to be made smaller. Topping stimulates growth that is weakly attached to decayed wood, and the tree is not as safe as is was prior to being topped.

Can Trees Be Reduced in Size?

Crown reduction, if done correctly, is possible with most trees. A tree owner should realize, however, that the tree is going to grow back rapidly and removal may be a better option. Crown reduction:

  • Must be done by making proper pruning cuts
  • Should be done as lightly as possible
  • Is best done late winter

Should Trees Be Sprayed?

Treatment for pests should only be applied for properly identified pests, at specific times, with carefully selected pesticides, used according to label directions. You should also consider the following:

  • Minor pest problems usually do not threaten a tree's health.
  • Sprays should not be used for general preventive control of pests.
  • Avoid spraying excessive amounts of chemicals.
  • Allow spraying to be done only by applicators certified by the State.